Arthritis Care info

Arthritis Care:

  • provides a helplines service by telephone and letter. Freephone 080 8800 4050 weekdays 12 noon to 4pm. Or call 020 7380 6555 weekdays 10am to 4pm at the national rate
  • offers The Source, a helpline service for young people with arthritis by telephone, letter and email.
    Freephone: 080 8808 2000. weekdays 10am to 2pm, Mon 4 to 7pm.
    Email: [email protected]
  • offers a range of self-management and personal development training courses for people with arthritis of all ages to enable people to be in control of their arthritis
  • runs four hotels in the UK
  • produces a range of helpful publications including a bi-monthly magazine, Arthritis News
  • campaigns for greater awareness of the needs of all people with arthritis.